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David-Alexander Charron

Computer Science graduate seeking the opportunity to collaborate within a team effort. Have had several years of experience in software development. I look forward for the opportunity to work in a challenging environment.

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DN Capital Fund, LCC

Remote Full Stack Developer

While working as a Full Stack developer at DN Capital Fund, LLC in Detroit, Michigan, I gained substantial experience identifying and fixing bugs, as well as coding in Java, C#, and SQL. Additionally, working remotely allowed me to enhance my organizational skills and the planning of my tasks.

Borealis Stakeholder Inc.

Back-end Developer

In addition to working at DN Capital Fund, LLC, I was a Back-end developer intern at Boréalis in Magog, Québec, where I was primarily responsible for fixing bugs, implementing UI enhancements, and using HTML5 and Node.js to build and enhance web pages. I also ensured the proper functioning of web experiences and implemented numerous enhancements to improve the overall user experience.


Cégep de Granby Haute-Yamaska

DEC in Computer Science


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Auralta Clothing

Auralta Clothing Logo Auralta Clothing Preview

Auralta Clothing

Auralta Clothing was a startup project that I have created. My responsibility in this project was to develop a website representing the clothing line where customers could buy merchandise online. Throughout this project, I overcame the challenge of intregating a PayPal checkout within the application. This was a challenging process in the development of Auralta Clothing, but it was very rewarding. Furthermore, I implemented the integration and tested its proper functioning within the Auralta Clothing website.

Pinterest Clone

Pinterest Clone Logo

Pinterest Clone

In 2020, I had to develop a Pinterest Clone as a final school project in my Programming Mobile Apps course. A more challenging task was the learning process to fetch automatically images from the internet using Android's network libraries. After reading Android's documentation, I had a better understanding of the procedure and how to put it into application. I succeed this Pinterest Clone final project with a great feedback from my professor : "Excellent! I was unsure whether I was in your app or the real pinterest app for a moment! Overall looking very polished and completing all the main objectives. Code is very clean and legible, classes are well designed.".


Minesweeper Logo Minesweeper Preview


On my free time, I like to create games. One of the first games that I created in 2017 was inspired by Minesweeper, which is a single-player puzzle video game. Throughout the creation of Minesweeper, I have learned about recursion, data structures and encapsulation using the programming language Java.


David-Alexander Charron

Software Engineer